The Temple in Zion – NOW?

On August 3, 1831, the spot for the temple in Zion was dedicated. Only one year went by and on September 22 and 23, 1832, the Lord spoke again on the subject while Joseph Smith Jr was at Kirtland. He proclaimed that “…the gathering of His saints to stand upon Mount Zion, which shall be the city New Jerusalem; which city shall be built, beginning at the Temple Lot, which is appointed by the finger of the Lord…Verily, this is the word of the Lord, that the city New Jerusalem shall be built by the gathering of the Saints, beginning at this place, even the place of the temple, which temple shall be reared in this generation; for verily, this generation shall not all pass away until an house shall be built unto the Lord, and a cloud shall rest upon it…” (83:1b-2b) 

It can be argued that since Joseph was at Kirtland, “this place” refers to the temple in Kirtland, which was built 4 years after that, and a cloud rested upon it. But most probably, the Lord was referring to the temple to be built in Independence where the final gathering is to take place. The gathering and the building up of Zion is of great importance. It begins there.

In the next year, the Lord applied the same pattern to his house which he commanded to be built in Kirtland. On May 6, 1833 the Lord said, “ye shall commence a work of laying out and preparing a beginning and foundation of the city of the stake of Zion, here in the land of Kirtland, beginning at my house;…” There is no doubt that there is a pattern of building the temple as a part of the beginning of the cities of God. The Lord desires a place for his feet. Less than one month went by, and on June 1, 1833, the Lord spoke again: “wherefore ye must be chastened and stand rebuked before my face, for ye have sinned against me a very grievous sin, in that ye have not considered the great commandment in all things, that I have given unto you, concerning the building of my house, for the preparation wherewith I design to prepare mine apostles to prune my vineyard for the last time… “92:1b,c
“Verily I say unto you, It is my will that you should build an house; if you keep my commandments, you shall have power to build it;  if you keep not my commandments the love of the Father shall not continue with you; therefore you shall walk in darkness.” 92:3a

The Lord again states that it is His will for them to build his house. It was a great sin to wait one month without progress. It was a test of keeping his commandments…with the power to build it. In the face of all odds against them, the judgment for not building his house in Kirtland was that love would wax cold and they would walk in darkness. In principle, these same judgments have fallen upon us in the land of Zion for disobedience. This manifests the importance of the temple; the preparation and endowment of his priesthood for being sent out. In these last days it is the same.

On July 20, 1833 about 500 men attacked the saints in Independence, tarred and feathered some, and ordered that they leave or die—or else they themselves would either leave or die. With that pressure, the representatives of the saints signed an agreement on July 23 to leave very soon (RLDS CH 1:316).

History shows that even though the people of Zion would be leaving, the Lord gave a revelation to Joseph Smith on August 2, 1833 affirming that it was still his plan. This was exactly two years from when the temple lot was dedicated (83:2)

Verily I say unto you, that it is my will that an house should be built unto me in the land of Zion, like unto the pattern which I have given you; yea, let it be built speedily by the tithing of my people: behold, this is the tithing and the sacrifice which I, the Lord, require at their hands, that there may be an house built unto me for the salvation of Zion; for a place of thanksgiving, for all Saints, and for a place of instruction for all those who are called to the work of the ministry, in all their several callings, and offices; that they may be perfected in the understanding of their ministry; in theory; in principle and in doctrine; in all things pertaining to the kingdom of God on the earth, the keys of which kingdom have been conferred upon you.” (94:3a-d)  “And now, behold, if Zion do these things, she shall prosper and spread herself and become very glorious, very great, and very terrible;…and surely Zion cannot fall, neither be moved out of her place…” (94:5a,b)

The same is true today. Even though there are great trials and difficulties, the house must be built. We must be willing. His stated will to build the house…1) at the beginning of the gathering to Zion, and 2) to be built SPEEDILY by tithes. If they were obedient, they would become very glorious and very terrible. It must be our purpose to be prepared to obey and give of our tithes and covenant by sacrifice (Psa 50:5) It shall happen where the Lord commanded. Zion will not be moved.

We are also aware that the gathering to the New Jerusalem will involve the remnant of Jacob and as many of the House of Israel as shall come, together to build up a city with the repentant Gentiles (3Nephi 10:1-2).

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the work of the Lord coming forth in Brazil pronounces that it will involve the temple lot. The Lord has not changed in his purpose. Let us pray that the Church of Jesus Christ-Temple Lot receives witness of the Holy Spirit. May we all be led of that Spirit.   [empasis added]

Gary Metzger

September 13, 2018


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