As I began my day in prayer this morning, a lens came before my spiritual eyes.  Not a flat lens, but a multifaceted lens cut with many sides and shapes and I became acutely aware of the significance of this lens.

All humans have lenses before our eyes, every moment of every day. As babies and young children those lenses are simple and beautiful and allow for only the view of innocence without judgment.  However, as each child ages those lenses are crafted by our parents and others around us and our lenses are distorted with human inventions and by the influences of the evil one and his imposition of bad feelings and thoughts, which grate on our lens and our souls reforming those lenses into a variety of skewed facets.  As we look through these lenses, with the various angles, we gain a different perspective, some varying widely so as to make the thing being viewed opposite to what it is in the reality of LIGHT.

As we interact with others we quite literally have the option of viewing others and their actions and words through these different lenses or angles.  Each angle gives a different view and different meaning to what we see and hear. 

Looking through the lens of jealousy, for example,  two people who share a loving glance, laughter or a happy conversation are perceived as a couple in eros love.  However, when looking through the lens of LIGHT and LOVE it will be seen as a brother and sister simply sharing a warm moment, an innocent connection.  

Looking through the lens of suspect a person can watch as someone goes through a store with joy and happiness greeting others warmly and see a person who is under the influence of drugs and must be a beggar, but looking through the lens of LIGHT and LOVE the person is basking in the warmth and joy of the Savior whose light and love is overflowing.

 Looking through the lens of contempt children congregating near dumpsters or in concrete tunnels are viewed as troublemakers an unwanted blight on civilization being like rats who cause infestation to society.  However, while looking through the lens of LIGHT and LOVE these are abandoned children being left out on the streets by the very people who should feel the need to provide love, compassion and protection to these once innocent souls now lost in despair and desperation.   

Through the lens of hatred a job completed so thoroughly as to relieve all coworkers of any other task will be seen as controlling, manipulative and a curse to others; while through the lens of LIGHT and LOVE the exact same circumstance is seen as someone who will bar no expense nor withhold any energy in the completion of a task set before them so as to be able to present their work to the foreman as having given their absolute all to the job given.

We see this truth in the life and work of Jesus.  When viewed through the lens of suspect the life of Jesus is seen as a mad man, a demented dreamer.  When viewed through the lens of hatred He is seen as a liar and a cause of woes.  When viewed through the lens of jealousy He is seen as a usurper, and a rebel rouser.  However--when seen through the lens of LIGHT and LOVE, Jesus comes into clear view as the Son of God sent to save us from our human state and show us the way to Eternal Love and Light in the loving embrace of our Heavenly Creator, in Whose image we are made.  He, barring no expense nor caring for His human reputation, His mortal family, His livelihood, His neighbors opinions, His comfort, nor even for His own life--continued on His journey unscathed until He finished all He had come to do.

The choice is ours every moment of everyday.  We choose what lens to view life and others with--and those choices mold our own thoughts, feelings and our own future.  It’s not always easy to find that perfect angle or lens but it is imperative, for our own soul, to try.

This is the message of our Savior and our Creator--to see this life and others--through the lens of LIGHT and LOVE.

It is in the blessed name of the Savior, Jesus Christ, that I share my testimony this day, Amen.



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