The Spokesman

” I wanted to say that there is a reason why they wrote directly to Joseph and it has a bearing on this. The two of us were given a responsibility, which we’ve tried to discharge. It is the same responsibility that will be given to the other six. And that is to bear a testimony that the plates are in Brazil and that they will be translated by the people down there. Now we have received that testimony by the power of the Holy Spirit. So I can competently bear that testimony. The six that are going haven’t received that yet. We are going to trust that is exactly what the Holy Spirit testifies to them so that they will be able to do the same. The promise is that those people who believe the testimony will be unified by the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is coming a time shortly where the Lord will gather out those people, if you will, the seed to build the Holy city to begin to build up its waste places. And Joseph will be the spokesman for that day. It comes to him by right of heritage that descends from Joseph Smith Jr. to him. That’s why the angel instructed them to write to Joseph and invite him to come down. And so his position actually as stated in the Book of Mormon is to be the spokesman. And so when the translation is made, the way I understand it, that translation will come to Joseph and he provide that to the saints that are gathered in Zion. And it will be instruction given on how to live righteously. Remember, Jesus taught the people in such a way that they were able to live righteously for 200 years. And our copies of the Book of Mormon contain at best a hundredth of what he taught. But those greater teachings were on the plates of Nephi. And Mormon promised that they would come forth to the Gentiles that believed the Book of Mormon. So that’s in the sealed portion. It will be translated and sent to Joseph. And Joseph will then be the spokesman or declarer of those things to the people in Zion, so that Zion can be established in righteousness. And we will know how to live righteously. That’s the comment I wanted to make.” 

 Bob Moore