Russell Anderson Testimony – Complete

“On April 29, 2018 I had the opportunity to meet with 5 of the witnesses (Bob Moore, Brad Gault, Gary Metzger, Tyler Crowell and David Gilmore). My purpose in meeting with them was to ask them questions, feel of their spirits, examine pictures and get a personal perspective on what they had witnessed. 

Many of these witnesses did not know each other before the trip. They were apprehensive about what they would see and they wanted to be sure to detect any deception in the plates or deceit by Mauricio or others. They observed that Mauricio was completely open to any questions or requests. He was unafraid to let them know about his mistakes and gave them complete access to the plates.

These witnesses went to Brazil with some apprehension and they didn’t leave until they had fully satisfied themselves that there was no deception with the plates. Sam Gould had been particularly interested in verifying that the metallurgy was consistent with Moroni’s time period. When the rings were fully exposed, he was able to verify that they were fused in a manner that was appropriate for the time they were created.

Each witness had a different experience with the plates and the Brazilian witnesses. Tyler Crowell had been promised in a patriarchal blessing in 1986, “having the privilege of turning the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon.”  Tyler was allowed to sit with the plates for an extended period of time where he turned page after page of the plates and examine the characters on each plate.

I testify that these witnesses are honest men who have made a diligent effort to know the truth about these plates and that not only have they been satisfied with what they learned, but they also felt a witness of the Spirit that this is the work of the Lord. They went to Brazil as individuals, but they returned united in the Spirit, with a bond of love, prepared to publish to the world their testimony.

There will always be critics of this work. Remember, “faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things” (Alma 32:21). Therefor it is always possible to not be fully convinced. But we must take the assurances that we have from these witnesses and step forward in faith to accept what the Lord is providing for us in this day. 

It is my faith and assurance that the Lord is involved in this effort to give us knowledge from the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon plates. I look forward to the time that we can read that record.  Power comes from the words that will be translated. These words to Joseph Smith apply to the words we will get from this record, “Behold, if they will not believe my words, they would not believe you, my servant Joseph, if it were possible that you should show them all these things which I have committed unto you.” (LDS D&C 5:7) 

I believe with all my heart that Moroni has entrusted Mauricio with the ancient Book of Mormon record. I praise God that I will soon have the opportunity to read what the Lord wants revealed in this day. “

Russell Anderson – My Witness     05.06.2018   (Utah)