R. C. Testimony Complete

“I boldly testify of the truth of all that is written here and that which has been both seen and heard! I testify that in the same exact way that Heavenly Father has instructed me through the Holy Spirit for the entirety of my life, so He also spoke to me the moment I first heard of the marvelous work transpiring in Brazil.  I testify that all these things were prophesied of and recorded in our standard books of scriptures and is now being fulfilled before our eyes!  I am overwhelmed with the mercy our Heavenly Father is extending to us, for this last opportunity to complete the work the Latter Day Church was required to do. The message is absolute Truth…. Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, go out to meet Him! The King is sending the invitation, one last time…. Come to the Wedding Feast of His Son! The Latter Day Ark, ZION, is to be built!  The instructions are for Zion and THE Temple in Zion are in the newly opened 1st part of the sealed portion which the Seer is now translating. I testify that our Heavenly Father has called the seed of Joseph as a Prophet of God for this work, and he is a truly humble and obedient servant of God. This is my testimony which I bear confidently and in the name of Jesus Christ. ”  Amen    R. C.