Question:  I have heard that Mauricio Berger (and possibly others in Brazil) have seen and heard from Angelic beings (recently) and that these beings had a message for the Saints.  Who are they?  Did they appear as a human with flesh and bones?   Who has seen these beings?

☞Answer: The angels that introduced themselves are Moroni and Raphael. They appeared as angels. There are three witness as well as Mauricio.  Those witnesses are Joni Batista, Wagner Zeppenfeld and Valdeci Machado.

Question:  I have heard that Mauricio Berger has been visited by and walked with the arch angel- Raphael!  I know that Joseph Smith Jr. was visited by the arch angel Raphael, so there is a precedence for that visitation in the Restored Church.     How many times has Mauricio met with the arch angel Raphael? 

☞Answer:  He may have met a few times before this event where he came in contact with the angle Moroni, but for our involvement I know of at least 3 times.

Question:  How much of the sealed portion will Mauricio be translating?

☞Answer:  What was previously thought to be 1 sealed portion, was revealed to be 2 parts.  When the seal was opened by Mauricio, in the presence of the witnesses, they all saw and testified that after turning through the sealed portion there was yet another seal which is still intact and which encompasses a sealed book.  The 1st part of the portion previously referred to as “the Sealed Portion” has been translated by Mauricio.   The second part, which remains sealed, will be read by Christ in the temple in Zion.

Question:  This is to Bob. I was wondering if Mauricio was able to visit the plates for years before like Joseph Jr. did. I think he visited three years and then picked them up the forth year. And I wondered if Mauricio did that.

☞Answer:   Mauricio received the plates on April 6th, 2007 when he went to the hill. He was driving back to where his family was, was sleepy and stopped in his home town. So he knew that it was safe there. And he slept in his car.  He was woken, he said, by the angel Raphael who led him up the mountain. And at the top of the mountain he met Moroni and received the plates and interpreters and sword. And Moroni accompanied him down the mountain. And he took them. He had them until approximately the year 2012. They were taken back from him at that time because he did two things. He had translated the first book in the plates which is the Book of Lehi and gave that translation to the LDS church. And also he was reading in the plates about the destruction that was prophecies to come upon America and saw that destruction. He said it was worse than any picture that he saw of Germany after World War II. And it was so grievous that he thought at that point he thought that maybe perhaps Jader’s accusations were right and the pain of seeing that he broke the interpreters. And for those two reasons, Moroni took those back. He did not gain possession of them again until January of 2017 when Joni, Valdeci and Wagner and Mauricio ascended the mountain and learned to contact us. That is when they received the plates again.  Bob Moore 3/31/2018

Question:  I’ve heard of Joseph Smith and ancient Golden Plates – is that the Book of Mormon?

☞Answer:  The Book of Mormon contains some of the writings of ancient Prophets of God who lived in the America’s approximately between the years 2200 BC –  421 AD.  These Prophets recorded some of their people’s history and testimonies of God the Eternal Father, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit which leads men to all light and truth.  According to Christ the Book of Mormon contains the everlasting gospel in a more pure form than the records which are called The Bible, as those records were processed too much by men.  Those ancient Prophets of the America’s wrote (or etched) on golden plates in their ancient languages and hid up the plates, along with stones which would be transcriber stones – or interpreters, for a future time and a future Prophet.  Those plates were delivered the 1st time, by the angel Moroni, to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. in 1827.  Joseph was commissioned to only translate the first portion of the records which are known as “The Book of Mormon”.   The book was published in 1830 under the copyright of Joseph Smith Jr.  and is available for reading through many avenues.  After the completion of the translation of the portion that Joseph Smith Jr. was commissioned to do he returned the ancient golden plates and interpreters back to the angel, Moroni, as he was instructed, with the understanding that the plates would be delivered at some later time, to another seer, to translate more of the records.  Those ancient records were indeed delivered to another person, Mauricio A Berger, who has been commissioned by the angel Moroni to translate the 2nd portion of those ancient golden plates and after which he will return the plates back to Moroni.  The prophet Mauricio and the prophet Joseph F Smith will publish that book in the near future.

Question:  In their testimonies, Joseph and Bob indicated that the interpreters were broken. Why was this allowed to happen?

☞Answer:   People ask, how could the Lord allow someone to break the stones which had been prepared to translate?  We can as easily ask, after preserving the records for thousands of years, how could the Lord have allowed Joseph Smith to give away and loose the 116 pages of translated text? Why would he entrust the plates to someone who would do such a thing? The Lord has allowed many people to do things that were not his will and yet still had a way to accomplish his work in spite of those mistakes.  While Moses was communing with the Lord on the mount the people he had led out of bondage had created gods of their own make. When Moses came down from the mount he saw the wickedness of the people that God had led out of Egypt with an outstretched arm. Because of that wickedness he broke the stone tablets which the Lord had given him. He was told to make new stones and the Lord would write upon them again with his finger.  Several times through the stones he had been given, Mauricio saw devastation coming upon the land of Zion because of the wickedness of its people. For this reason he broke the stones. He had wanted to see something good, something beautiful, not devastation from the Lord. One stone was broken in half and the other shattered. He was told to make new stones to replace the shattered one. Moroni fused together the stone which had been broken in half and he chose an acceptable stone from the new ones which had been made and put engraving upon it so it could be used for translation. Whether it is the stones of Moses, the stones for translation, the small plates of Nephi or a wayward people, the Lord always has a means to remake, recover and restore. -Tyler Crowell

Question:  Now that the interpreters were broken, how can the plates be translated?

☞Answer:  One stone was broken in half and was fused back together by Moroni. The other stone was shattered. Mauricio was instructed and made several replacement stones and the Angel Moroni selected one of them and it was prepared to use with the other repaired original stone for translation. Just like Moses was instructed to make other stone tablets to replace the first, the Lord provided a way for the translation to occur. In like manner the broken, shattered church will be healed and restored as at the first.

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