Joseph Smith Sr. was ordained the 1st Presiding Patriarch in the Restored Church of Christ,  under the hands of his son, Joseph Smith Jr.  December 18, 1833 at Kirtland, Geauga, Ohio and remained until his death in 1840.  

Hyrum Smith, brother of Joseph Smith, Jr. was 2nd Presiding Patriarch of the Church and remained so until he was killed, June 27, 1844.

The 3rd Presiding Patriarch was William Smith, younger brother of Joseph Smith, Jr. .  William was ordained Presiding Patriarch April 25, 1845 .  Because the branch of the church that he led after Joseph’s assassination practiced polygamy, William lost his birthright.  Although he joined the RLDS later, he never occupied the Patriarchal office.  His death November 13, 1893 opened the vacancy to which Alexander was ordained.

Alexander Smith, was the 3rd of 4 surviving sons, born to Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale.  Alexander was appointed as counselor to the Presidency April 9, 1897-1902 of the RLDS.  On April 12, 1897 was the fourth Presiding Patriarch in the restored Church and the first Patriarch in the RLDS and remained so until his death, August 12, 1909.  


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