Linda A Gould – Complete Testimony

I, Linda A Gould, testify to the following experience, when I inquired abut the truth of the plates:  On December 16, 2017, in a meeting held at C. Andrew (Andy) and Carol Brantner’s home.  During that meeting Brother Joseph F.  Smith showed up and was speaking of holding the plates in his hands when in Brazil, and suddenly I saw light descend onto his hands as he held them out as if he were holding the plates once more. It was just as if he were actually holding the plates and the Lord was telling me, “These are the true plates.”  Joseph’s hand were glowing.  Only I saw this manifestation as far as I know.  I took this to mean the plates in Brazil were the true plates.  When Samuel returned from Brazil, and said the plates were the true plates, I said, “Lord, is this true?”  The Lord responded, “Haven’t I already shown you that they are true?” Thus did I accept the plates as the real thing.  Linda A. Gould   April 8, 2018  (Minnesota, heritage – Temple Lot)

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