08.18.18-08.19.18 General Report

     08.18.18 Solemn Assembly

Nearly 200 Saints gathered in Solemn Assembly to seek both forgiveness and the will of our Heavenly Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Solemn Assembly, called by Joseph F Smith – great Grandson of Joseph Smith Jr.,  was attended by a cross section of Saints from throughout the restored church as well as the United States and was presided over by Joseph F Smith and Tyler Crowell.   The Saints were previously encouraged to prepare themselves and enter into fervent and mighty prayer and fasting prior to the Solemn Assembly.  Many were impressed to add their testimony to the weekend gathering of Saints.  The Saints were admonished to be humble, as they were led in prayer to collectively repented from the faithlessness and lack of obedience for our forefathers, in not fulfilling the call to bring about the cause of Zion and to build the temple in Zion for the Savior’s soon return.  Saints also sought personal and collective forgiveness for our faithlessness and our human condition which pulls us ever down to the need for confines and the law.  The prevailing plea was for each of us to begin to rely upon the Spirit to guide our every step as we commit to fulfilling the will of our Father, guided by the Holy Spirit, in preparation for the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus  Christ.                                                                          

 1st USA Conference

Among the many Saints in attendance from a cross section of the Restoration and from across the United States, were the witnesses Joseph F Smith,  Samuel Gould, Gary Metzger, Tyler Crowell, Kelvin Henson and David Gilmore.  Samuel Gould was called and sustained as the moderator and Tyler Crowell as the assistant moderator for the 1st USA Conference.  Kelvin Henson was called and sustained as the Conference recorder.  Sharing the rostrum at the Conference was Joseph F Smith and Gary Metzger.                                                                                                                   

 After calling the Conference to order Samuel Gould then stepped aside and Tyler Crowell stood as moderator to allow those supporting branches to speak.   Those branches were:  Grover Missouri Branch; Belle Missouri Branch; and Church of Christ Temple Lot, Bimidji Minnesota.    Samuel resumed being moderator of the conference and did so with love and grace, being ever mindful to the movement of the Holy Spirit.   Having asked the Branches convening the conference, as well as attendees, as to their preference whether to follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit or man’s rules of order, the vote was put forward and was agreed to follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit.  Samuel did then admonish the Saints to conduct themselves in harmony with the Holy Spirit at all times.

In response to the work of the Lord unfolding from Brazil and with Samuel’s admonition that the set time for Zion is now, 3 matters were first brought before the Conference for consideration:

1. The upholding of Brother Joseph Fredrick Smith as Prophet, seer and revelator in accordance with : the appointment by a messenger from heaven and the designation, anointing and ordination on earth.

2.  The adoption of a statement of common ground for the church of Jesus Christ in the last days.

3.  The consideration of all incidental items coming forward from the Solemn Assembly and Conference.

Samuel, after allowing those who desired to speak to each of the matters of conference, did then inquire of the Saints by uplifted hands if they were in agreement with the 3 matters presented.  The matters were sustained.

The conference broke session for a brief intermission.                                                                                

Upon resuming, the Conference took up the matter of #2, the adoption of a statement of belief.  Some Saints had questions and comments and Samuel testified that these matters were being guided at each step by the instructions of Moroni to Mauricio A Berger and the witnesses in Brazil.  Samuel continued in all love and humility to guide the Saints to understand that we are just in the beginning of the work, this, being the first steps.  And that, according to the instructions of Moroni, we must have faith and will receive line upon line  as we move forward in the work.   Samuel asked for Gary Metzger (who assisted in the ordination of Joseph F Smith in Brazil) and Tyler Crowell (who stands as a witness of the ordination of Joseph) to share their testimonies.  Many testimonies were borne by those who had received spiritual manifestations of the true calling and work of Joseph Fredrick Smith.  The following were then sustained by the Conference.

  1. We believe a remnant sense of the original church must burn within us, this being our common legacy, having a zeal where every member is filled with the sole purpose that builds the foundations of that organization.
  2.  Mauricio A Berger has received the plates of Mormon from Moroni, and by divine appointment has been given the authority to translate the first part of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, through the use of the interpreters.
  3.  We accept as truthful the testimonies of the three South American witnesses, and the eight North American witnesses, concerning the Book of Mormon plates as received from Moroni.
  4.  We accept the ordination which occurred in Brazil on March 6th, 2018 of Joseph Fredrick Smith as Prophet, Seer and Revelator of the Church  and he should be sustained in Zion as President by the laying on of hands.
  5.  When there is a consensus among the elect, it will be necessary to again organize the priesthood quorums and their offices, and return to the original foundations of apostles and prophets.
  6.   We must repent of the precepts and traditions of men of which we have partaken and cast them aside, cleansing our hearts and bringing forth fruit meet for repentance.

The Conference voted to move forward with the sustaining ordinance of Joseph Fredrick Smith as President of the church.  Time and Place will be announced shortly.  The Conference closed with a hymn.   There was food and fellowship which lasted into the evening and great excitement for the going forward of the work !

May we be yet found worthy to be part of the work in bringing about the cause of Zion, dwelling place of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ.  Amen.