Good Morning. It’s good to be back. It’s good to be back in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s good to be back in Zion.

The services in Brazil are very good. They are interesting. They are a little bit different. The way they have church is they gather together and there’s one priesthood member who takes charge. He might share a few words. And then when he is finished another priesthood member stands and shares what the Lord has for him to share. When he is finished another one stands and shares. And maybe there will be time for some testimonies from the congregation. And it is kind of littered with hymns in between.

So I showed up this morning and I wasn’t expecting to stand up here, but Joseph said, “Are you ready.” And I said, “O.K.” I wasn’t prepared to speak, but down in Brazil they did the same thing to me, I don’t think I will go the whole time, so Gary you can be prepared.

After we came back from Brazil in March, it was the desire of my heart to return to Brazil. The unity among the saints in Brazil is very strong. It’s like something that I have never really experienced before. I wanted to be back in that. It was on my heart and I was praying about it quite a bit. If there was a time I could go and just spend a little bit of time with the Saints in Brazil and have the unity again. I brought this up with Joseph and with brother Bob at one of our meetings. And I had a couple of ideas that maybe I could go down there and write a weekly newsletter about testimonies or whatever is going on in Brazil. And send it back here for the saints here to read. There was also the possibility that Sarah Berger was going to be able to visit here. She needed someone to travel with and so I thought that maybe I could travel back with her. Which didn’t end up happening. It was something on my mind. I wanted to return. So I talked to Joseph and Bob and they thought that was a good idea.

So I thought I need to ask Mauricio and make sure it is alright if I come and stay with them a bit. It was something I was able to do. I have just recently finished college and haven’t setup a career or anything yet. So I didn’t really have anything holding me down here. So I thought that maybe this is something that I can do before settling down.

So I messaged Mauricio and told him that I just had a desire in my heart to return and worship with the saints there and just visit. And he replied to me and said, “Kelvin the desire of your heart to come to Brazil is an answer to my prayers.” I asked if he could expound on that. And he said he had been wanting someone to read through the English translation for him, because he doesn’t understand English generally. He thought there was going to be a man there in Brazil and he prayed about it and the Lord told him that it wasn’t this man. And so then he thought about me. And now you have contacted me and so I know you are the one that is suppose to come and read through the translation.

From the beginning of this work, I guess from March, when we saw the plates for the first time, there’s been a great deal of humility that’s come to me. Many times, especially on the flight back in March after we had seen the plates, I was sitting with David and we were just talking the whole night. About what we had just experienced and how wonderful it was. To have unity that we experienced. And how it was going to be when we returned and tried to share our testimony.

We talked about this quite a while into the night. Eventually he was asleep and I was left alone on the plane in the dark with my thoughts. And there were many times that I would just break out in tears because the Lord had asked me to be part of this work. And the fact that the Lord had brought this work was enough to really overcome me.

So I was talking to Mauricio and he said that I was to come and read through the English translation and help him. I had the same feeling when I came back. I was in my bed and I just sat up and began to cry, because the Lord has asked me to be a part of this and before this I certainly did not feel worthy in any regards to be part of this work. I thought that there were many who could have been better suited. So I was overcome again.

So I was excited to go down and help with the English translation. I didn’t realize at the time that I would be the scribe. I don’t think Mauricio realized either. The plan was just for me to come and read it and make sure it looks good, and sounds good, has correct grammar and everything.

So the trip came closer and I received a message from Mauricio one day and he said, “Hey, the plans have changed, you are going to be a scribe for the English.” And I said, O.K. that sounds really cool. And again, I was just really overcome and overjoyed. Just overjoyed. I don’t know how else to describe it. So I began to look forward to the work and tried to prepare for that in prayer and reading some of church history about what Joseph Smith did and Oliver Cowdery and the other people who helped write.

So I went down to Brazil in the beginning of the Summer. And we started in on the translation. I can testify to you that I witnessed Mauricio read from the gold plates with the Interpreter stones. And there were no outside sources that he used to help him. He just read from the plates. And the beautiful thing is that it was terrible because he couldn’t read English. And so it just sounded really bad. I could pick out what he was saying most of the time and sometimes he would have to spell out the word. He got better as we went. But it was beautiful to be there and experience it. Before each session we knelt in prayer.

I think the main question that people have asked me is, “What is it like?” It’s very much what you would expect. But also very much different. I mean there are still sounds from the traffic out on the street, sounds from children laughing in the other room. They were still there, but at the same time the Holy Spirit was there and it really gave me a clarity of mind so that I could focus in and hear what Mauricio was trying to speak, and we got the work done.

So the translation was finished and I look forward to reading it next week with the other witnesses and even more so to having each one of your read it so that I can finally talk about it to somebody who speaks English. As of now I think there are three people who have read it and the other two just speak Portuguese. That’s Joni and Mauricio.

It’s very vivid. Unfortunately I won’t be able to give you any of the content at this time due to copyright issues. And I hope you understand. As much as I want to. But I can tell you it’s really good. And the Spirit is there. Maybe Gary will share his experience with the Spirit and the translation.

I got here a list of different testimonies from Brazil. I wasn’t thinking that I was going to stand today, so just bear with me.

I did go to Brazil at the beginning of summer. I had to return for a couple of things I needed to do here, I had promised to help out a couple of the church camps. Also, Sarah was going to come up, so I went there at the beginning of summer, then I was here for a little bit and then I returned to help finish the work. I’ve learned a lot from my time in Brazil. I had a lot of good experiences. I’ll share some of those today and some of them I’ll share later.

One of the most amazing things for me personally, the experience I had seeing lights from angels from afar. I will say now that I didn’t see any angels close up. But I saw their lights from afar. There’s a mountain behind Mauricio’s house and it’s not too far away. But this mountain is just a small mountain and there’s no buildings on it, there’s no towers at the top, there’s no roads. It is just a mountain with trees and that’s all. Mauricio told me when I arrived at the beginning of the summer, Mauricio told me when he had first moved to this new location, the first night that they were there, they saw lights on the mountain. He said it was the same lights that he had seen and others when they had gone to meet Moroni in the past. He said that sometimes when they see lights it doesn’t mean they go climb the mountain and meet Moroni. Sometimes they just come for a reassurance, support sort of thing. So this was that sort of situation. Where they didn’t go climb the mountain, but the lights were there just the same. “We’re still here with you, we understand the hardships it is to uproot your family and move away from the city you have lived in for all these years where all of your brothers and sisters are. Which is what they did. They moved and left and went to a city without any sense. You can imagine how difficult that might be for them. So the angels that came to that mountain that first night to reassure them that they’re still with him and that Mauricio is still on the right track.

So anyway, Mauricio told me this when I arrived and I was looking at that mountain and I was saying, “Man, I hope I see those lights.” I said, “Every night I’m going to be peaking out that window to see if there are any lights up there.” And so I did for a week or two and I never saw a thing. And then one night, Joni and I were preparing to do a little bit of work on the translation. We were about to go in the other room and Mauricio yells from the balcony or porch “Luzes, Luzes,” and that’s “lights” in Portuguese. So I jumped up and I ran out there and there was a light on the mountain. I sat there and watched it and he said, “This is the same lights that we have seen.” And as I watched there was a second light that appeared and a third light that appeared. Then there was some lights in the sky. These lights went off and on back and forth. But the experience lasted for about an hour and a half. It was marvelous to see. I was wondering, is there anything that could be making these lights? And I was thinking about it. There’s no towers on this mountain. There’s no buildings. These aren’t planes. There just in the same spot, they’re flickering. It was too far away to be a flashlight and I just couldn’t come up with anything other than Mauricio was telling the truth. He called the rest of the family. And Patricia came out and she saw them and his youngest daughter Laura, she’s nine and she waved and she said “hello” and they kind of flickered. And so that was my first experience. I remember that so vividly, I’ll never forget it.

The second time I returned to Brazil, Joni, Mauricio and I were discussing some things. Joni was about to leave. Joni has since moved to the same city as Mauricio to help with the translation and the work. So he was about to leave and go home for the night and Mauricio stepped out on the balcony and he saw that the moon was really pretty. So he called us out and said, There is a really pretty moon out here, come and look at it.” So we went out and we were just kind of looking at the moon and kind of all together we noticed that there was a light on the mountain across the way. And so we turned our attention to the mountain, we were looking at that. As we were watching a cloud descended over the top of the mountain and covered the light. Mauricio brought up the scriptures that talks about God as being a cloud and the hosts of heaven the angels of heaven are coming in the cloud of God. And I thought that was really interesting. So we were sitting there watching that for a while and I was waiting for the cloud to go away so I could see the lights again. I was kind of irritated at the cloud. I was waiting and Patricia had been making supper and she finished up and she said, “Alright supper’s ready.” I didn’t want to go eat. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. She is kind of forceful when it comes to mealtime. So I go in and I wolf down my food and about ten minutes later I stepped back outside, the cloud had completely gone, no more lights. I was kind of bummed. So we were standing there watching and Mauricio pointed to the left base of the mountain and said, “Look there’s a light there.” And I looked and there was a light there. It was a small light that traveled across the face of the mountain into the sky. And he said, “That’s Moroni.” I said, “O.K. I guess I’ll believe you, I don’t know who it could be, so that’s Moroni.” I thought that was really cool. Even though it was far away, it was just a ball of light to me. It was still something that I couldn’t explain any other way. Other than to believe on just what Mauricio was telling me.

A little bit later, I was staying with Mauricio in his home, then I switch homes and I was staying with Joni. One morning he woke up and there was an email from Mauricio. Mauricio wrote this email to the witnesses and he said that Moroni had come to his home in the night and had taken the plates. And I was kind of bummed because I was staying at Joni’s and I could have seen him maybe if I had been at Mauricio’s house. But I suppose if it was for me to see Moroni I would have saw him. So it was alright. So we went over to Mauricio’s house. We discussed it some and he told us and I guess that Moroni only stayed about 5 minutes, he said. He didn’t really talk. He wasn’t really prepared for a visit from Moroni. He just woke up from sleep because there was a bright light in his room. He said a few things and one of the things that he said was that he saw Joni, Mauricio and I on the balcony watching him on the mountain three nights before. He said that before he left he made it a point to cross in front of the mountain so I could see. I thought that was really special.

Some of you have probably heard, probably all of you have heard that part of the translation has been withheld from the Lord. The Lord saw fit to do that in his wisdom. Something that when I returned the second time to Brazil, I found out pretty quickly that Mauricio had received that part of the translation would be withheld from us at this time. That was sad to hear, but the Lord’s ways are not our ways. So I am still grateful for what we have, that we have part of it.

One of the things that I’m going to tell you that Moroni said to Mauricio when he came that night. He said, “Do not worry about the part that’s been withheld because what you have now is what you need to get started.” So what we have now is what we need. I can testify that it is exactly what we need to get started. And more will come later when we have established this starting process.

It kind of talks about, Joseph mentioned earlier kind of starting up the United Order of Enoch. It talks a little bit about that and how to do that. So there is that to look forward to. It’s very good. I certainly hope that you are all prayerful and are willing to follow the instructions. It might be difficult sometimes, but we’ll get there.

I want to talk about withholding part of the translation again. Because Mauricio was able to read the Book of Mormon plates in both Portuguese and English up until September 11th. And the English had stopped working. He wasn’t sure why at first so he figured, “Well, I’ll finish the Portuguese and then maybe I can see the English again.” That wasn’t the case. He prayed about it and the Lord showed him that he needed to finish the Portuguese and that upon finishing, part of the translation would be withheld. That is what he told me when I returned on September 17th I think. He told me that part of the translation would be withheld and that he just found out. So he continued working on the Portuguese, and he finished up the Portuguese and was very excited that he was finally done with this task that he had been given. It was maybe two days later that he came to me. I was working with the English, I was looking through it. He came into the room that I was in and he asked if he could borrow my wireless mouse from my laptop. He just has a touchpad. He said the touchpad on his computer wasn’t working and he was wondering if he could borrow my wireless mouse. I said, “Yeah.” So we went into his room and I hooked it up for him and he went to move it around and the mouse started working fine. But then none of the icons would click open. Then the whole computer kind of froze and then it went black. Then Mauricio started getting really, really worried. Because he had just finished the translation and it was all on his computer and he hadn’t saved it anywhere else. He hadn’t put it on a pen drive or anything and so he became very worried. Started crying out to God that everything would be O.K. I kind of felt at peace with this strangely enough. I told him that I was going to leave him to pray. So I went back to the other room and Mauricio shut the door and begin to pray. Maybe 30 seconds later he opened the door and it was completely fine, everything was back to normal. He came to my room and he apologized for the little outburst he had and said that he knelt to pray and the Holy Spirit came to him immediately and said that this was the work of the Lord and you shouldn’t worry. And when he told me that, I immediately knew the Lord was taking his computer and removing the part that he wanted to withhold. I told Mauricio this and he said, “Yes, I believe that is what He’s taken.” And so the computer was shut down for the rest of the day. The next day we woke up and he turned it on and it turned on fine and he pulled open the translation and the translation pulled up. All the English was there up to where he left off when the stones stopped working. He looked at the Portuguese and the Portuguese, which had been totally finished, had been removed down to where the English was. And so we knew then that the Lord had taken and withheld the part of the translation that he saw fit to withhold at this time.

And the beautiful thing is that we know the Lord gives us the things that we need, line upon line and precept upon precept, a little here and a little there. That’s exactly what he’s doing. Its the same order that he’s always done.

So does that mean we should be discouraged about or feel bad about or blame ourselves on? We should just continue to work forward. And know that the Lord has more for us. And as we remain faithful and continue to work He will bring those things to us.

I want to talk a little bit about my testimonies. You’ve already heard some of it when Joseph and Tyler and Bobbie came. I would like to talk a little bit about that and share my experiences and testify of those things. I would like to talk about the day of the baptism. We went to the beach before. When David Gilmore had come down before these three had come. He came maybe a couple weeks earlier. And so he went scouting for a beach where we could do some baptisms. And we found this beach, there was no waves at all. And we said this is good. It is beautiful here, there’s no waves, this is a great spot. When the other three came, we went the day before the baptisms. There were some waves at that beach. But I was on the know that when David came there were no waves at all. It’s was really calm. So go ahead, we’ll be alright. And there we were the next day and the waves were bigger. And I was thinking, “I don’t know, I don’t know how Joseph is going to be able to stay standing in these waves. Cuz, he’s kind of old.” So there I was. There were people out in the water. I think that all those that went out were people that were those that were going to be baptized. So they all went out at once and they held Joseph and they held each other and supported the one being baptized. I was standing by Tyler and we were just watching and the waves were coming really strong. It was maybe a little bit difficult to time it right. But it was also very beautiful to watch. The Spirit there was strong. It was one of the best days of baptism that I’ve been a part of. So Joseph did three, and then Mauricio did six and then we were finished. I thought we were finished.

And then somebody came up to me and said, “Hey, there is somebody that wants you to baptize them.” I said, “Oh, Okay.” I didn’t bring a change of clothes because like Tyler I wasn’t expecting to get in the water. I thought, “Well that doesn’t matter they need me to baptize today.” So I started out into the water and then I realized, “I’m a new priesthood member. I don’t know if I know the words to the prayer.” So I ran back out to Joseph and I asked him if he could remind me what the prayer was. So he gave me the words and I ran back into the water. And we had the baptism and it was wonderful. I never expected my first baptism to being hit by the waves in Brazil. But it was wonderful, actually wonderful. Just a beautiful day.

And then we had church service that night, it was the night before, and there were about 30 people I think. There was a lot of people who came from Caxias which is about 6 hour drive away. And other people, one man John, flew in from central Brazil. So a lot of people wanted to be here for Joseph and learn about this work.

One interesting thing about John. He is a great man. But he was originally in opposition to this work. He was friends with Sergio that had been converted to believe this testimony.  So Sergio was telling John about the testimony and John wanted to come and check it out for himself.  So he came and had about three hours with Mauricio and then completely did a 180. He is in full support and is helping with the work for even... probably today right now actually. He is very much on fire for this work. And so that’s the power of the Lord. He can make a man that doesn’t believe, turn around 180 degrees , 100 percent. He has a very good testimony too,  and hopefully we can share it some time.

But there were many people that came. I think that most of them were former LDS members. There were a couple people, one of who was Mauricio’s old boss. He and his wife came. And they were all baptized. It was just so exciting to see the church grow in Brazil.

Before Joseph and Tyler and Bobbie came, Mauricio was talking to me about how necessary it was that Joseph accepts the office of High Priest. And be ordained president of the High Priesthood. He told me several weeks before they arrived that if this didn’t happen this time, then the Lord was going to have to move on. It became very real to me then. The importance of this. So I started to make it a matter of prayer. Joseph had expressed many times in the past that he’ll listen to God but there was really not anything that I could say or anybody else could say that would change his mind, just the Lord. So I had accepted that and made that a matter of prayer, “Lord, he is looking for an answer from you.” 

So when they came, we talked about it a little bit at first. I realized that Bobbie was on the same page as Joseph. I was kind of concerned about that. I know that Bobbie and Joseph talk a lot. So I was concerned that Bobbie was not going to be helpful. But Bobbie quickly saw the truth and changed her mind she started really working with Joseph. And I would sit there and watch, Tyler and Bobbi would talk to Joseph talking about it and Joseph would just shake his head. I was really concerned that this wasn’t going to work out. I was praying about it a lot. On the last full day of their trip, which was also the last full day for me, Mauricio gathered us together in the back room and we were going to have a meeting where Mauricio was going to show scriptures that High Priesthood and also words from Moroni that he had spoken to them. I said, this is it, this is the meeting where this has to happen. It has to happen in this meeting. So we went back there and we were talking for a long time. At first it did not seem like it was going to work out. I was very concerned, a little bit distraught maybe. Because I want this work to succeed. I want us up here in Zion to be a part of it. I didn’t want it to move to Brazil or anything like that. So I was praying about it the whole meeting. And finally at the end of the meeting Joseph said, “O.K. I’ll be in the ordinance with you.” That was just a joy to my heart. As well for Joni. We had been laboring in prayer about it for a month or so. I stood up and gave Joni a big hug.

And then we kind of went through the day. And Joni, Valdeci and Mauricio began to prepare for the ceremony that evening. It was very much, we know that this needed to happen. There needs to be an ordinance of the washing of feet. But we hadn’t seen it, ordinance of washing of feet in our lives. So there was very much a question of how do we do this, what do we do. So the three of them were discussing it and there were other conversations going on. There were a lot of people in this small apartment. And I just needed some time on my own. So I went into the room that I was staying in and laid on my bed in the dark. I was kind of just relaxing from it all. And Mauricio comes in and he says, “Kelvin, I’m sorry, I need this room to get a revelation.” I said, “Oh, Okay.” I was kind of surprised at that. I think that Bobbie was probably more surprised. I had some more time with Mauricio and so it wasn’t as big a shock to me for him to just say, “I’m going to get a revelation.” But I left the room to him and he shut the door and locked it. He was in there for a little bit. He came back out and he had been given the words to say for this ordinance and the instructions on how to perform it. It’s important when we perform ordinances that we do it the way that Jesus taught. The way he performed them. Not just the ordinance of washing of feet, but all the ordinances. So he came out and got back with Valdeci and Joni. They wrote down the words, and planned the service. We gathered together and at the beginning Mauricio was trying to explain how the service was going to go and John was trying to interpret it. And it wasn’t going well and there was confusion. I was watching Joseph and I could see him becoming distraught. I could see him having a desire that he wanted to leave the room. So I began to praying that the confusion would leave and the Holy Spirit would come and be with us. The more that Mauricio tried to explain how the service was going to work, the worse and worse it got. So as Bobbie mentioned. He stopped and kind of reset himself and he grabbed a chair and sat in front of Joseph and said we’re just going to start with sacrament. After that we’re going to go the next thing. And we are just going to go line by line, a little bit and a little bit.

And so that’s what we did. Joseph had agreed to read the prayer over the bread and wine. And so he stood up to do that. And one thing that Joseph had kind of been complaining about the whole week was that his eyes would get really tired, especially when he was trying to read things on the screen from the computer. His eyes would get really tired and they would kind of get worse by the end of the day. And the light would have an effect too. So, he told me later, when I was taking him back to the hotel, that he, when he stood up to read the prayers, he eyes were really hurting. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to read the prayers. As he began to read the prayers his eyes completely cleared and he was able to read the prayers just fine. So I thought that was a really good blessing. It may sound small but that was a really good testimony and I brought that back and shared that with Mauricio and the other men in Brazil. After I dropped them off at the hotel, they were praising God that the Lord would do that for him.

So I got to be there and I witnessed the ordinance and I can testify the confusion that was there at the beginning, cleared up, it went away, and the Holy Spirit descended as we started the Sacrament service. It was very strong and it was with us for the rest of the meeting. I am trying to give my feelings about all this. There is nothing I can say, but there is a man who said it better than I could. That was Oliver Cowdery. So I’ll just read something that he wrote. Concerning the translation with Joseph he said, “These were days never to be forgotten—to sit under the sound of a voice dictated by the inspiration of heaven, awakened the utmost gratitude of this bosom!” I read that and I thought, “That’s it” That’s very much how I feel working with Mauricio on the translation and listening to him read from the plates. That’s how I feel with the revelations he’s received. And that’s how I feel now with Joseph. I have a great hope going forward now that Joseph is president of the High Priesthood. And I believe that the Lord will bring the direction that we need to him. And those words in that message that Oliver Cowdery had, the same feeling will be felt by all of us.

Currently in Brazil, they are working very hard. I want to let you know that Moroni’s instruction to them after the translation was finished, Mauricio was to give the translation to Joseph. Joseph was to return to the land of Zion. As soon as that happened, they were to start preaching. They were to start going around, six days a week, all day. Taking one day of rest. Going into the LDS churches, sharing from their pulpits, until they got kicked out. But not to be discouraged because the congregations of the LDS churches would hear them and invite them into their homes. And I can tell you that they started this right away. They are going around and they are doing what the Lord instructed them to do. Last Sunday they went to the LDS churches, they are probably there today meeting right now. So they need our prayers and they need our support. Because they are doing this six days a week, they will need help to sustain them financially. It is not a burden for us for the rest of our time. The Lord said that Moroni’s instructions to them, there are a few things that they are going to do, they are working on them now that eventually it will get them to a point where they can support themselves. They are working on that. But right now the beginning stages they do need our help. That’s for us, that’s our instruction. To support them and get the work spread around up here as well.

I can tell you that the work is moving very fast in Brazil. Remember that I told them that after the translation was finished the work in Brazil has really kind of exploded. And it has already beginning to do that. I mentioned John earlier. John has a Facebook page with 13,000 followers. He has a large following. He’s converted many people to the Book of Mormon, including Mauricio’s son-in-law. I was talking to Sarah and Sarah was telling me that everybody knows about this blog that John has. But she didn’t realize that this man in her home was the man who was in charge of it. So she thought that was really cool when she found that out. Besides that there are other Facebook groups and on-line groups of LDS members spread across Brazil that are connected through the Internet and Gary knows much about that.

There are many people in Brazil who are looking for the truth and they’re going to receive that. The type of members are the many people here too that are looking for the truth. And they can receive that too. It is upon us to get that truth to them. 

There’s a great hope for us. And it’s exciting to be a part of it. It’s also very humbling because for me, when I become a part of this, when I was first asked to go to Brazil, I felt very inadequate to do so. Because I knew in my life that I was a sinner, and for me, a really bad sinner. And so I thought, certainly there are other men who would be better qualified. But I was asked to go and so I went. I shared that testimony and many people would come to me afterwards and say, “Don’t fret, I’m a sinner too.” And the hard truth is that we’re all sinners. But the Lord continues to work with us. He has that promise for us.

There is a very beautiful part of the Book of Matthew. Right at the very beginning the first few verses. It is so easy to just read past it and miss what is going on because all it is, is a list of names. But these list of names, many of these names are people in the Bible. And you can go back and read about them and you can read about the Lord using them. But you can also read about their struggles and their sins and abominations. Some of these names, if these people were sitting with us here today --maybe some of you would wonder if they shouldn’t be allowed here because of some of the things they have done. I look at them and I read their stories and I think that is so much worse than anything I have ever done. And the beautiful thing about that list of names is that this is the lineage of Jesus Christ. And that God used imperfection to bring about his perfect son.

And that just brings so much hope. That the Lord is able to use these men and women who have sinned and committed abominations in the sight of the Lord and use them to bring his son Jesus Christ who could come and die for our sins, and save us. And help us to be free.

And so that’s what the Lord is desiring for us, that’s what He has for us, is freedom. Freedom in Jesus Christ. You look at the Apostle Paul, he was arrested, and they said they were going to kill him. He said, “to die is Christ.” To die is Christ. They said, we’re not going to kill you then, we’re going to keep you alive.  "Well to live is gain." So they threatened to torture him and put him in prison. And he said, “I don’t care. Because there is nothing that you can do that compares to the coming glory that the Lord has for me.”  This man is free. He’s free. He’s free in Jesus Christ. There is nothing that they could do to him.

So they throw him in prison and he goes down there and he converts the prisoners, and he converts the guards. They are singing hymns together. There is nothing that you could do to this man. That’s the freedom that Christ has for each one of us.

There are many things that we will have to give up in our lives in order to achieve this freedom. Many things that will be taken from us that will be difficult to give up. But if you are able to give them up, you can be free in Christ. Which is the best thing that we could ever have.

So I would encourage you to really, really think and pray about the things in your life that might be holding you back. Things that you don’t even realize might be holding you back. I could give you some examples, but I’m sure you know. So many of us, we live for ourselves, but the fact of the matter is we weren’t created by ourselves for ourselves. We were created by God for God. It’s in Him that we need to give our lives to.

Before Christ came they lived under the Mosaic law and they would go to the tabernacle to make sacrifices to atone for their sins. And in those tabernacles, those temples, the priest never sat down because they were continuously going to the Lord and making sacrifices and they never sat down, because if they ever sat down then the work was done. But the work wasn’t done because they knew that there was a Messiah who was coming. He hadn’t come yet, so they couldn’t sit down. They were always standing. The scriptures tell us that when Jesus came, He came as a servant. He lived his life. He taught the kingdom of God. He died on the cross. When he died on the cross, he sat down. He sat down, next to God the Father. He sits down and says, “the work is done.”  “It’s finished.” My people can be free. So there’s the freedom. That’s the freedom that we have. It’s there for us. It’s there for us. So let’s glory in God and let’s be free in Christ Jesus. Amen.


This work is the "refreshing" of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ in these last days brought first through Joseph Smith Jr and comes again through Maurício Berger. This website will post truth irrespective of its conduit. "All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also, otherwise there is no existence"  D&C 90:5b RLDS or D&C 93:30 LDS.  Therefore,  postings on this website should be viewed as the endorsement of truth—speaking generally and not specifically for each word, action, person or organization. "And righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine own elect from the four quarters of the earth, unto a place which I shall prepare; an holy city, that my people may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and it shall be called Zion; a New Jerusalem." Genesis 7:70

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