Good afternoon, my name is Kelvin Henson. I too would like to just take a moment and acknowledge our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the season that we have to celebrate his death and his resurrection. And it's because of Him that we are all here today. And it's because of Him that we get to live our wonderful lives and worship together. This is the Lord, and so that's why I want to say hosanna to God, and the Lamb, let glory be unto them forever and ever. Amen. 

I want to thank each one of you for coming out, and I want to give a special thank you to Colbern Road for opening their church for this informational meeting. And that's what it is. It's just an informational meeting. We're not here to tell any of you what to believe. It's just simply to share our testimony and ask that you approach the Lord with the things that you hear today.

And so I was told I have 10 minutes to share. I'm not going to take that 10 minutes, because I shared my testimony at Zarahemla Restoration Branch. And that's uploaded on their website. And I also have a written testimony that will soon be uploaded to the second invitation website. And so I invite you to go and listen to the testimony I shared at Zarahemla, and also read the one that I wrote and I invite you to do that.

So I'm not, I'm not going to take the time to share my personal testimony today. But I do want to say that I did see the plates in Brazil. And I was there when the first part of the sealed portion was first opened. And I want to testify to each one of you that I felt the Spirit of the Lord working in Brazil. It's working – He's working with the people down there. And I want to testify that to you.

And so I just want to ask each and everyone of you – consider the message that we were told to bring, the message of humility and repentance. And I ask each and everyone of you to take the things you hear tonight, and go to the Lord in prayer about them. And the Lord in the scriptures, the Lord asks us to exercise our faith. And so I asked each one of you to do that. To exercise your faith, and I don't mean to exercise your faith by just blindly believing the things that you hear today. But I ask that you exercise your faith by taking the things you hear today, in prayer to the Lord. Because his truth is going to come, and if you seek after his truth, he will give it to you.

And I want to remind you, that if you remember to when the church was first restored, there were many people who did not receive a confirmation until they first read the newly published Book of Mormon for themselves. And that might be the case here, I don't know. But I encourage you, as you pray, and as you fast, that you don't become discouraged if you don't receive the confirmation right away. But that ye diligent and continue to seek. The Lord wants us to continue to come to him. And so I asked that that you would do that in the coming months.

May the Lord bless each one of you as you seek for his truth

Kelvin Henson


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