Sustaining Joseph F Smith – President of the Church

With joy and reverence we invite all of those who uphold Joseph F Smith as Prophet, Seer and Revelator to prayerfully support and witness with us as the sustaining ordinance is performed and Joseph is presented to the Church as the legal heir to the Presidency September 23, 2018 .

Joseph was  called by the angel messenger Moroni   and was then  designated, set apart and ordained by one having the keys and authority  given to him by angelic beings –  Mauricio Berger.  Assisting in the ordination, which took place March 6th, 2018 in Brazil, were elders  Gary Metzger and Bob Moore.  Joseph’s calling and ordination were then upheld by the vote of the Conference held in Missouri on August 19, 2018.  

We rejoice in the “royal lineage” (as worded by Moroni) that is being rightfully restored to enable the Church to be restructured,  for prophets and apostles being restored and the servants going forth into the vineyard for the last time.  We are overjoyed at the abundant mercy of our God and His Son as He has provided a way for the Saints to be “grafted in” for the final time to the one prophesied of as the BRANCH,  Joseph F Smith.   We pray the Lord will accept our repentant hearts and bless our faithful efforts as we heed the call to prepare every needful thing.   The task lies ahead of us to build the Temple and bring about the cause of Zion in preparation for the imminent return of the Bridegroom!

Join with us on on September 23, 2018 from 9 am to 12 noon as we are taught by some of the Witnesses of Plates of the Book of Mormon and the Sealed Portion.   We will then gather for a potluck meal in the fellowship hall. Please bring a favorite dish to share and we ask that it be ready to serve so that all may share together in the morning worship. We will resume our teaching and worship services at 2 pm and will continue to approximately 5 pm.

Location :  553 NW 1511th Rd, Holden Missouri 64040    Most Map apps/gps give accurate directions but if you need further directions please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you feel led to join with us in the financial family support of Joseph and the Witnesses or for the work at large, please follow this link to our donate page

If you feel led to contribute with your time,  talents or resources please contact us.   If you have a building available for use, or dwellings available for those from other regions coming in for either short term visits or moving here, please contact us.

God bless you and keep you until we meet again!