J. J. Testimony – Complete

It is with deep humility and grateful spirit that I bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the happenings in Brazil as relates to the bringing forth and translation of the first part of the Sealed Portion, and the work of the witnesses in South and North America who bear their testimonies.

I was first made aware of the presentation of the plates by Moroni to Mauricio Berger in Brazil in late September 2017, per the “Second Invitation” website. Having viewed various articles, and having an acquaintance with Bob Moore, I did more research, and extended an invitation to Brothers Bob Moore and Joseph F. Smith to come and relate their testimonies to a group of fellow Saints. This they gladly did, meeting with us in early December 2017.

I bear affirmative testimony of the truthfulness of their testimonies. When they shared and answered questions about their experiences in Brazil, my heart burned with the confirmation of the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t wait to share this experience with friends who belonged to various Restoration Branches. I was saddened by their lack of faith evidenced by their response, which was much like “Doubting Thomas” of Scripture.

When I viewed and shared the availability of the Q&A sessions at Zarahemla website/video links, the response was the same. Likewise when sharing about the broadcast of the testimony of the 8 witnesses
at Colbern Road Restoration Branch on 31 March 2017 and the written testimonies of the 3 SA witnesses.

Each of us has our agency, to accept or reject testimony, whether it be written or vocal. Brother Crowell expressed it most concisely in his post “Be Not Faithless, But Be Believing”

I believe, and bear positive testimony of the truthfulness of that which has been brought forth and attested to by so many through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the part in all of this that Brother Joseph F. Smith if fulfilling.

In and through God’s grace, and the confirming presence of the Holy Spirit, I do testify.

J. J.   (from Missouri)