WW Phelps, Hymn #35 in Emma's Hymnbook of 1835
1 There’s a feast of fat things for the righteous preparing.
That the good of this world all the saints may be sharing;
For the harvest is ripe, and the reapers have learn’d
To gather the wheat, that the tares may be burn’d.
Come to the supper—come to the supper—
Come to the supper of the great Bridegroom.
2 Go forth all ye servants unto every nation,
And lift up your voices and make proclamation,
For to cease from all evil, and leave off all mirth,
For the Savior is coming to reign on the earth.
3 Go set forth the judgments to come, and the sorrow,
For after to-day, O there cometh tomorrow, 
When the wicked, ungodly, rebellious, and proud,
Shall be burnt up as stubble—O cry it aloud!
4 Go pass throughout Europe, and Asia’s dark regions,
To China’s far shores, and to Afric’s black legions,
And proclaim to all people, as you’re passing by,
The fig-trees are leaving—the summer is nigh.
5 Go call on the great men of fame and of power,
The king on his throne, and the brave in his tower,
And inform them all kingdoms must fail but the one;
As clear as the moon and as fair as the sun.
6 Go cry to all quarters, and then to the islands,
To Gentiles and Jews, and proclaim to the heathens,
And exclaim to old Israel in every land,
Repent ye!—the kingdom of heaven’s at hand.
7 Go carry glad tidings, that none need doubt whether 
The lamb and the lion shall lie down together:
For the venom will cease, when the devil is bound,
And peace like a river, extend the world round.
8 Go publish the gospel, the truth of the Savior,
That the poor and the meek may begin to find favor,
And rejoice in their coming Redeemer and friend;
And lo! he is with you henceforh to the end.
9 O go and invite them, regardless of trouble,
The rich and the learned, the wise and the noble,
That the guests may be ready, (when Jesus shall come,)
To welcome forever, the holy Bridegroom.
10 Go gather the willing, and push them together,
Yea, push them to Zion (the saints’ rest forever,)
Where the best that the heavens and earth can afford,
Will grace the great marriage and feast of the Lord.
 11 Go welcome his people, let nothing preclude you,
Come Joseph, and Simeon, and Reuben, and Judah.
Come Napthali, Issachar, Levi and Dan,
Gad, Zebulon, Asher, and come Benjamin.
 12 Be faithful and just to the end of your calling,
Till Bab’lon the great—she is fallen! is fallen!
Then return and receive the just servants’ reward,
And sit down to the feast of the house of the Lord.
Come to the supper—come to the supper—
Come to the supper WITH the great Bridegroom.

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