David G Bronson – Testimony

We went to the church at Zarahemla Branch at around 6:00 p.m. and witnessed a Skype session from Brazil with Joseph F. Smith and Bob Moore, at which time Joseph taught a class. After the class they had the members that were there that had gathered come before the camera sharing their names and questions were asked. There came a point where Joseph asked the question who were the three that were on the mountain when the angel came to them on the mountain. They stood before the camera with a very serious understanding of what they were standing and witnessing for, Integrity and truthfulness emanated from them as they stood there. After witnessing that session I went home to retire but I had prayer first. I asked the Lord, Lord what is your take on this evening? Then the Lord gave me a series of dreams,

A Spiritual Dream – Sept. 17, 2017

 I was in a room with the people from Brazil and Joseph F. Smith was there and I really don’t remember who else was there. We came out of the room and I remarked to brother Joseph that I guess the next thing we need to do is prepare. We both felt the endowment was near. He agreed and we parted from each other and I found myself walking through a door that opened up into a room that was similar to a mobile home, only there was no furniture. It appeared to have beige colored walls. I walked across the room to the wall on the opposite side of where I had entered from the door on my left side. I looked to the right which was the long part of the room. As I was standing there about to pray I began to reflect upon the need of the endowment. Then all of a sudden two members of the church of the firstborn came through the wall. The men came in the room approximately 3:00 from where I was standing. They came down the length of the corridor and I moved to the center of the room where we embraced and shook hands. Both of the men had on suits. The one on the left had dark hair. Both of the men had golden tans. After our greeting I heard a couple of men talking. Then I heard a voice say, “Do you know what this means?” The one on the left who had the dark hair was visibly shaken as he staggered over and positioned his back against the wall where the door was. He looked up at me and as our eyes met he said, “It’s about to happen!” Then the dream opened up into a new scene and I saw people gathering into a big church. It reminded me of the Auditorium or Waldo. I positioned myself behind the podium in the choir section at the very top, left hand side, as you are facing the podium. I found a seat way up on the second row from the top. It was right next to the podium so I could have a good view. I was the first one in and I had found myself a good seat. Soon others began to come into the room. I started to recognize people that were coming in. I saw people from Colbern Rd. Restoration Branch, Zarahemla Restoration Branch, South Chrysler Restoration Branch, JCRB, Church of Christ Temple Lot, the Remnant, and many other groups. I saw some folks from the JCRB and one of the men from the JCRB began to say, “This is exactly like what the Beacon had recently said in one of the previous month’s issues.” I stood up and said, “I don’t know about all that but one thing is for sure; I was in the room and I was there.” Dream ended. It was about 1:37 a.m. as I awoke.

The second set of dreams I was given had to do with the spiritual condition of the church. Those that would endure the chastening hand of the Lord and his judgements that would be poured out had to apply the principles of Jesus Christ into their life towards their fellow man to be able to be present at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Their names had already been selected and chosen who would actually apply themselves. The tables were prepared and that day was upon us very very shortly. Because of those dreams that were given on the 17th of September, the Lord gave me assurances that great things were going to happen when brother Joseph and Bob Moore went to Brazil in the months to follow. On Wednesday night following September 17, 2017, with boldness, I testified that great things would happen on their trip to Brazil that they would share and experience.

 On the Monday before brother Joseph gave his sermon/experience of what he had experienced in Brazil. I had the good fortune of picking up brother Joseph F. Smith at the airport and driving him to Chillicothe so he could pick up his car and drive to Springfield, at which time we discussed many things, however, he did not speak a lot about the testimonies that he would share on Sunday but he said it was big. Later that night the Lord gave me a dream in which I was to ask brother Gary Metzger to come Sunday to hear brother Joseph and his testimony of going to Brazil. I had told brother Richard Hensley and he was going to come and the Lord wanted Gary to come and witness for himself the experiences that brother Joseph F. Smith had experienced. Then, on October 29th brother Joseph shared his testimony. I had been fasting many days and the spirit was very very strong the whole day, starting at the service. It diminished a couple of times during his testimony but then came back strong throughout his testimony/sermon unforgettably, and later that evening when Joseph and Bob were taking questions, the burning in the bosom returned, for I was witnessing the events of my dreams I had on September 17, in which all parts of the restoration would be gathered in fulfillment of those dreams that God had given to me earlier and the truthfulness of the events that were coming forth out of Brazil. The spirit rested upon me very greatly as I bore testimony that evening at the end of that session of the experiences the Lord has given me on September 17th after the Skype session and the importance of each saint to apply the principles of Jesus Christ into their lives to be able to make it to the supper.   Elder David G Bronson