Daniel MacGregor was born March 6, 1875 in Lansing, Michigan.  He was baptized Dec 14, 1891 and was a member of the RLDS.  Daniel was ordained July 2, 1894 to elder
June 19, 1898 to seventy, both in the RLDS. 

 Daniel was considered a great orator and is most know for his authorship of the book – ” A Marvelous Work and a Wonder” (1911).   As a missionary to the Spokane District, he was instrumental in the conversion and baptism of many persons and organized the Clark Fork, ID, Branch in 1923. 

Spurred by a change in rules of presidential authority (known as “supreme directional control”), Daniel  left the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1925 (along with possibly hundreds of others) and went to the Temple Lot, Church of Christ.   Prior to this time both the RLDS and the Temple Lot Church of Christ considered themselves (for some time) as one Church.   Daniel brought a “revelation” to the Temple Lot wherein the church was told to ordain Apostles, in 1926 which caused the RLDS to immediately resend the close fellowship which the two churches had, as they were unable to  reconcile two sets of 12 Apostles.   

“Spokane District President, Oscar Case, and George Leach, reportedly caught a train from Sagle, ID, back to Spokane, WA. When they climbed aboard the train they saw, and sat down beside, Daniel MacGregor. Grandpa Leach felt led by God’s Spirit to place his hand upon Daniel’s arm and deliver a warning: “Danny, my boy, if you do not stop fighting against the church you will be dead within six months.” Daniel did not stop working against the church. Within six months, October 3, 1927, he died. [Oscar Case, ca.1970-1971, to Wayne Gunter (et al) at Sagle].”

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