Many have asked how they can be part of The Cause of Zion, it’s work and it’s ministry.  We invite your prayerful support of Joseph, Mauricio and the 10 Witnesses in that they may each have their hearts and minds tuned to Christ and His work He calls them to do.   We further ask for your special prayers at this time to be with Joseph and his assistants as they prepare to go to Brazil to receive the manuscript of the Sealed Portion.  Additionally, we invite you to join us in person, whenever possible, as we begin to come together as a family to learn what our Savior calls us to do to bring about the cause of Zion and the building of His Temple.

If you wish to contribute financially, you may use the donate tab below to do so through PayPal OR you may set up auto pay with your PayPal account to The Cause of Zion PayPal account.   Feel free to contact us if you prefer a different avenue for contributing, or have offerings of another kind which you desire to contribute.   We will be available to accept your offerings at any of our listed classes or worship services.  Look for our black offering  boxes as we do not pass an offering basket.   For additional questions please contact The Cause of Zion Treasurer, Bob Cackler.   Please make all checks payable to The Cause of Zion.  Please watch for our P.O. Box update soon. 

Many have expressed a desire to help with the financial expenses involved in the upcoming trip of Joseph and his assistants to receive the manuscript of the Sealed Portion.  We anticipate those expenses to run about $7,000.00.  Within those costs will  be travel, lodging, meals, many meetings and support of the Branch in Brazil in meeting together during the time Joseph is there.   There will also be costs involved in the legal securing, copyright, preparation and eventual publication of the manuscript.  We anticipate those expenses to run well into the thousands, but we do not have a specific amount as yet.  We appreciate all who are desiring to assist with the work and there is no gift which is insignificant.   At this time we prefer that gifts are not earmarked. 

If you wish to give of your time, energy or talents please contact us through our contact button.   There is so much to be done!  All those who hear His voice are needed in the work as the time quickly approaches for the restructured church to arise in these last days, the message of the Sealed portion will be taught, the call to hasten to Zion will go out and the Temple in Zion will be built!  We pray God’s manifold blessings on all those who believe and who thrust in their sickle with all of their might, for the last grafting back to the true BRANCH, and the endtime harvest begins.  

To Donate Via PayPal 

The Cause of Zion is a legally organized Non-profit Corporation in Missouri, of which Joseph F Smith is a Director.   501c3 status is pending.  For more information regarding the financial aspects of our corporation please contact Elder Bob Cackler, Treasurer.   This organization receives no financial support from any governmental group or agency nor any particular denomination.  The Cause of Zion is the only website or group which receives monies for and supports Joseph F Smith, this work and the witnesses involved with this work.   Please make all checks payable to The Cause of Zion.  The work and ministry outlined throughout this website are wholly supported by those who are compelled by it’s message.  Thank you very much for your support.  May God richly bless your gifts!