It is with overflowing joy and awe that The Cause of Zion announces the arrival of the first part of The Sealed Book of Mormon!  This first part contains a "Foreward" by Joseph F. Smith who is the great grandson of Joseph Smith Jr.; a "Preface" by the prophet, seer and translator, Maurício A. Berger; "The Testimony of Three Witnesses" who met the angel, Moroni, and viewed and handled the plates as well as the sword of Laban and the interpreters.  Through the mouth of these three witnesses all the things in The Sealed Book of Mormon will be firmly established. (see "Words of Moroni", verse 20, page 20 of The Sealed Book of Mormon.)

The Sealed Book of Mormon also contains what is called "The Testimonies of Eight Witnesses" which includes both women and men, young and old, as well individuals from several different branches of the original church which Joseph Smith Jr. founded in 1830.  Although there were several female witnesses to the Book of Mormon when the church was first established in the 1800s, these former women were not chosen as witnesses in the published Book of Mormon although their testimonies are recorded in history. However, The Sealed Book of Mormon is ushering in a new day where a paradigm shift is introduced by the eyewitness testimonies of two women who affirm the authenticity and divinity of the golden plates of Mormon and the sealed books it contains.

The first part of The Sealed Book of Mormon, contains the ancient records summarized by Mormon and transcribed on the sealed golden plates; authored by Moroni, Moses, and Jonas (also noted as Jonah on page 136).  Jonas is one of the Three Nephites who has never tasted the sting of death and whose words are joined with the words of Jesus Christ in the book named "The Acts of The Three Nephites".  The Sealed Book of Mormon was, among other things, protected by Moroni and delivered by Moroni to the current day prophet, seer, and translator,  Maurício A. Berger and transcribed with great care by Joni Batista in Portuguese and Kelvin Henson in English.  Finally, The Sealed Book of Mormon contains the following ancient records: "The Words of Moroni", "The Sealed Book of Moses" and "The Acts of the Three Nephites."

There are many mysteries contained in these ancient records of the first part of The Sealed Book of Mormon.  We exhort all who read these ancient scriptures so lovingly summarized, transcribed, protected and translated to do so in prayer and sincerity to know the truth of these things.  As these ancient instructions, promises and warnings are studied and pondered with an open heart which is not tethered to the traditions of men, “there shall be many of the Gentiles, and also of the Jews, that shall not harden their hearts concerning the words of this book…” ("Words of Moroni", verse 1, page 15 of The Sealed Book of Mormon; also see RLDS 2nd Nephi 12:79-80 / LDS 2nd Nephi 30:3)

The Sealed Book of Mormon contains many wonderful promises to those who live the teachings contained therein, for “out of their eyes will fall the scales of the darkness that prevents them from seeing in their fullness the truth sent from the heavens to the children of men…”  ("Words of Moroni", verse 2, page 15 of The Sealed Book of Mormon.) But the reverse will come to those, in the last days, who possess the first part of the sealed records compiled by Mormon, and are not willing to meditate upon the words with sincere hearts.  And so The Sealed Book of Mormon contains the following warning: “those who harden their hearts to this second part, when it shall be revealed unto the children of men, that even the knowledge of the first part will be taken away from them and they will remain attached to the precepts of men; they will honor the Lord with their lips but they will be far from His ways; they will be convinced of their faith in the first part previously revealed of these records saying, we have enough, and we are not ready for more scripture.  From this will be taken even what little of the knowledge they have until they have nothing left but their traditions." ("Words of Moroni", verse 16, page 18 of The Sealed Book of Mormon; also see RLDS Alma 9:17-21 / LDS Alma 12:10-11; RLDS 2nd; RLDS 2nd Nephi 12:30-38 / LDS 2nd Nephi 28:24-30)

As we read the sacred scriptures contained in The Sealed Book of Mormon along with the references given by God through the interpreters for our benefit, the "Title Page" of the Golden Plates of Mormon exhort us to remember that as we read these ancient sacred records, "if there are faults, they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, condemn not the things of God, that ye may be found spotless at the judgment seat of Christ."

It is wisdom then, to correct the mistakes of men if they are found, not intending to complain or grumble or find fault in the spirit of a brother or sister – but only to correct or clarify such mistakes for the benefit of the humble reader of these ancient records.

Please be advised therefore, that any advertisement or claim that Maurício A. Berger is the author of The Sealed Book of Mormon (English Version) is simply a mistake of men. Although Maurício Berger is the seer and translator of the records, the books contained in the ancient records of the sealed golden plates have several authors of ancient origin. It also appears that the "Preface" of some of the first books of The Sealed Book of Mormon which have been published, does not specify that the "Preface" was written by Maurício Berger.

It should be further noted that the words contained in "The Sealed Book of Moses", when revealed by “a Moses” who is Maurício Artur Berger in the last days, should be revealed by that “Moses” only to those who believe.  ("The Sealed Book of Moses", chapter 3, verse 12, page 38 in The Sealed Book of Mormon).  Then one might ask why was the English version of The Sealed Book of Mormon published to the world on a mass marketing platform such as  The answer is that Maurício A. Berger evangelizes and teaches with the Portuguese edition of The Sealed Book of Mormon --and Maurício will only reveal the words to those who believe, even as he was commanded to do.  However, the responsibility of publishing the English version of The Sealed Book of Mormon was given to others and they have chosen a different path regarding the printing and publishing The Sealed Book of Mormon, and so it is currently available to the world in English, for believers and non-believers alike.

We would also like to clarify that although The Cause of Zion would have deemed it a great blessing and privilege to print and publish the first edition of The Sealed Book of Mormon in any language, that task was given to others. However, because we have a great love for all the ancient records contained in the golden plates of Mormon, we will direct our patrons and the true believers in these marvelous ancient records to the link where they can purchase The Sealed Book of Mormon, reminding all those who purchase the book to take great care with the thoughts of their hearts while reading.  For those who believe they have received enough of the Word of God and need no more, yet still choose to read this book with an intent to attempt to discredit the Word of God and His prophets, will receive the reverse of the blessed promises contained in this book, and the knowledge they previously held within their hearts will be taken away until they are only left with the traditions of men.  (see "Words of Moroni", verse 16, page 18 of The Sealed Book of Mormon; RLDS Alma 9:17-21 / LDS Alma 12:10-11; RLDS 2nd Nephi 12:30-38 / LDS 2nd Nephi 28:24-30)

You may visit the following link to purchase your copies:  THE SEALED BOOK OF MORMON 

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