From the beginning of time Satan (Ahiah) has sought to extinguish the free will and choice of mankind and blind them to both the true identity and working of Christ through the representation of His Bride–the Church.   The Church, representing the female creative aspects of God, being the spiritual birthing process for those who first chose, and second—are chosen.  And although this Christ, being both the Sacrificial Lamb and the Scapegoat, will be the scorn and ridicule of the nations and rejected by the masses, still those who long for truth will hear truth and will be drawn from their slumber with gladness of heart and full resolve of spirit.   Today, we live in a “copy and paste”  world but TRUTH has been concealed and lost and there is no example to copy from—mandating a “refreshing”.  Truth, therefore,  will come “line upon line, precept upon precept”, as is the designed way of God—until all is made known.

This “work” that is spoken of throughout the pages of this website or written manual,  is the prelude for the restoration of All Things and the restructuring of the Lord’s Church on Earth at this time.   This is the “refreshing” spoken of by Isaiah:(continue)

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