It is with overflowing joy and awe that The Cause of Zion announces the arrival of the first part of The Sealed Book of Mormon! There are many mysteries contained in these ancient records of the first part of The Sealed Book of Mormon.  We exhort all who read these ancient scriptures so lovingly summarized, transcribed, protected and translated to do so in prayer and sincerity to know the truth of these things.  As these ancient instructions, promises and warnings are studied and pondered with an open heart which is not tethered to the traditions of men, “there shall be many of the Gentiles, and also of the Jews, that shall not harden their hearts concerning the words of this book…” (“Words of Moroni”, verse 1, page 15 of The Sealed Book of Mormon; also see RLDS 2nd Nephi 12:79-80 / LDS 2nd Nephi 30:3) (continue)

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