Lucy Mack Smith Witness to the Book of Mormon

Lucy Mack Smith was born July 8, 1775 at Gilsum, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, the youngest of Solomon Mack and Lydia Gates’ eight children. Solomon was a soldier in the French and Revolutionary wars, and Lydia was a school teacher. The Mack’s were poor, but Lydia educated her children and reared them in a traditional Protestant household. Solomon continually reinforced the importance of prayer in his children. When Lucy was 13-years-old her sisters, Lovisa and Lovina, contracted tuberculosis (then called consumption). She devoted herself to nursing them until their death’s six years later. Lucy suffered severe depression after her sisters’ passing. Lucy’s brother Stephen invited her to live with him in Tunbridge, Vermont hoping the change would lighten her mood.  (continue to complete article)

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