“I bear testimony of the redeeming love of our Savior and of our merciful God.    I bear testimony that the Holy Spirit can fill all of our lives so completely as to transform us from mortality and lift us into Heavenly places–leaving us to feel this reality is not–and that the heavens truly hold our reality, being veiled momentarily so that we can fulfill our callings and understand the choices we have made. I bear witness that each one of us was made in the image of our Creator and as such we may be endowed with such great compassion and love, mercy and grace, wisdom and joy–if we just have faith and a desire! God is limitless and in the likeness of our God – what limits have we? It is the usurper and liar who deceives men and women to believing we are nothing and causes us to forget our first estate!” – an excerpt from “Guardian of My Soul” by Sister Roberta 12/31/2018 (continue)