As I began my day in prayer this morning, a lens came before my spiritual eyes.  Not a flat lens, but multifaceted lens cut with many sides and shapes and I became acutely aware of the significance of these – lens.

All humans have lens before our eyes, every moment of every day. As babies and young children those lens are simple and beautiful and allow for only the view of innocence without judgment.  However, as each child ages those lenses are crafted by our parents and others around us and our lenses are distorted with human inventions and by the influences of the evil one and his imposition of bad feelings and thoughts, which grate on our lens and our souls reforming those lenses into a variety of skewed facets.  As we look through these lenses, with the various angles, we gain a different perspective, some varying widely so as to make the thing being viewed opposite as it is in the reality of LIGHT… (continue)