07.08.2018 Joseph’s Dream – The Unexpected Path

In my dream it seemed we all had been traveling down a road but had come to a stop. Some men came up to me and said they were looking for some one who could drive a bull dozer to do some work on the road. I told them I had done some work with a bull dozer, when I was working out in Idaho, and I would be willing to try. They took me and put me on the machine, which was larger than the one I had used before, but I could work it. The road we had been traveling on was a new road, and since I could not see clearly what the blockage was, and since this was in the mountains I was concerned about rock slides which happen often on new roads. So I started work on a bypass quite a ways back from the blockage. I began to make a road off to the left, like a exit road on the freeways except this was on the opposite side like an access road. I cut into the bank sufficiently to make it safe to travel down. As I worked down into a small valley I came upon an area that was level and clear. As I looked down the valley I saw the main road and how it led to a city. I parked the dozer and told the men that we could travel through the valley without making a road, to which they replied, good enough.

Joseph F. Smith

July 08, 2018