Brothers Joseph F Smith and Samuel Gould send their greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and give thanks for the uplifting prayers of the Saints, both in the land of Zion and throughout the world,  in “support of these fledgling efforts to move the cause of Zion forward”!  

Brother Joseph had a rich and joyful experience in Diamond Valley, Utah, having the privilege of being able to share with many of the Saints his testimonies and witness of the moving of the Lord to call His people to repentance,  to come together as one and worship in truth and righteousness and to prepare for the building of the Temple in Zion.   Joseph was well received and had a wonderful time fellow shipping  and dining with the people there, in the beautiful desert sands, late into the evening.

Brother Joseph and Samuel met with a few Saints in Fillmore, Utah,  “wherein we did reach out in fellowship sweet to develop the relationship with those who could greatly assist in moving forward the Testimony with this people.”

The Brothers then moved on to Spanish Fork, Utah to a dear Saint who opened their home for them.  The meeting there was “a spirit filled room of Saints desiring to know the truth and found it, with the exception of one.  We arrived an hour and a half early and the session went to after 11 pm. There were those earnestly touched by the spirit that surrounded Joseph and I with further questions and hearts full of desire wishing to know how to further the cause and how they might prepare for the coming of the word of God from the part of the sealed portion in translation”. 

Brother Joseph and Samuel, along with his companion Linda, met at Salt Lake City, Utah for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir presentation.  They enjoyed listening to the choir’s “rendition of Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah, Psalms 148, Trumpet Tune in Seven, Deep River, Battle of Jericho, and This Little Light of Mine”. 

Brothers Joseph and Samuel then met at Millrace Park in beautiful Taylorsville, Utah, Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday.  “About two dozen interested parties each day  came to hear their testimonies, share in scriptures, and to ask questions.  The message was very well received .  The solemnity of heaven rested upon us throughout the evening.”  Brother Samuel’s dear companion” Linda also bore her testimony concerning her witness which was given to her while listening to Brother Joseph bear his testimony at Zarahemla branch in November, following their return from Brazil the first trip. ” (look for her testimony to be placed on the Cause of Zion website soon).

 How joyful their souls are, in the quiet reflection of their time among the Saints in Utah, and how wonderful it was to be in the service of the Lord to share with those who would hear about the marvelous work that is transpiring and to be able to stir again the hope of Zion!

“Your Fellow Laborers in this Work of God through the manifold blessings of his son Jesus, the Christ, Brothers Samuel Gould and Joseph F Smith”.   Amen