Mighty Prayer and Fasting

We ask for your continued prayers and fasting for the ongoing work of the translation of that part of the ancient record which has been previously sealed up and is now opened -for the continued gift and power of God to be poured out and to be upon the Priesthood of Mauricio, Joni & Kelvin .  We ask the believers to pray diligently that the Lord God will pour out His Spirit upon Joseph F Smith and give him increased light, wisdom and divine revelation of His word and will, necessary to lead the Church as one united body toward the cause of Zion and the building of the Temple in Zion, looking forward to the time just before us when Jesus will come and dwell among us.   We ask that you uphold all of the witnesses, both in Brazil and in the USA, that each of them may have the Holy Spirit poured out upon them,  individually and collectively, to guide and protect each of them in their callings and give them wisdom and knowledge of the Lord’s will of this marvelous work which is unfolding before us, and the continued courage to step out in faith and obedience wherever they are called to go.  And we ask that each of us seek the Lord in prayer and repentance, not just turning from our sinful natures but also turning from those traditions which keep us separated as a body of believers in the restoration gospel, and turning to the Lord God in full willingness to be directed by Him and by His word.