Samuel Gould’s North Carolina Mission Trip – 05.24.2018

SAMUEL GOULD’S NORTH CAROLINA MISSION TRIP – Brother Samuel will arrive  in Knoxville, Tennessee tonight, Thursday May 24th then he will head on over the Smokie mountains to Cherokee, North Carolina.  Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 26th Samuel will be sharing with members of the Church of Christ and Saturday, May 26th evening will be a campfire service.   Sunday, May 27th morning – Samuel will be with the LDS Branch and in the afternoon with Church of Christ with visitations in the evening.  Monday, May 28th Samuel  will then head on back to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit with friends (Baptists), and then back to Minneapolis.   If you are around these areas and wish to know more details please contact us and we will try to get you in touch with Samuel.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit goes before and with Samuel as he heeds the call of the Lord to “the mission of witness”.   Samuel says…” Onward and upward to Zion,  my heart beats to the tune of Jesus …”   Blessings Samuel!