“Divine Appointment” by Tyler Crowell

“I am a witness from the land of Zion sent to Zion to the remnants of the church here to testify of the will of God for his people at this time to restructure his church that has been scattered and fallen into disarray.

The Lord has revealed from heaven his expressed will and plan in answer to the confusion and chaos we have created by following our own way. Just as there was one way of deliverance out of Egypt, the Lord is providing one way for our deliverance. We can accept that way and the deliverance of his hand or accept the consequences of our rejection of his deliverance. The state of everyone continuing to follow their own path is not an option that will result in our preservation. We must be united under one head to escape the devastation that is coming. The people of Zion have the opportunity to unite together to restructure his church according to his will, reinstating the lineal priesthood so the organization of apostles and prophets in their authority can return.

I am a witness of the designation on earth of Joseph F Smith, the fourth generation of the lineage of Joseph Smith Jr, as the successor to the office of prophet president, to take up this mantle that was laid down in the fourth generation, so it can be passed on again and continue with this lineage until the Lord returns. The Lord has revealed from heaven through the angel Moroni that Joseph F Smith is acceptable and is chosen by God, that he has remained in him so the promises can be fulfilled and the church can be rescued and organized according to the ancient pattern, so the Lord’s plan for Zion can continue and be accomplished.

Since the days when the church was scattered when Joseph was martyred, the lineal priesthood was sent to the reorganized church to preside in righteousness. The Lord has revealed his intention to restore this priesthood at this time to preside in righteousness, walking in the commandments of God so his church can be brought back to its original intended form. 

Joseph F Smith has been told to first give the people of Zion the opportunity to accept his appointment so Zion can be built up, but if they reject him and his calling, the church will continue with another people who will accept the Lord’s appointment. Devastation is coming to the land of Zion upon the bodies of people who reject the Lord’s deliverance. In his mercy, to fulfill all righteousness, the Lord is giving one last opportunity to the people of Zion to accept their responsibility and his leadership before he brings judgement upon the land. When there is a common agreement among those who will hear his voice and accept his will, the restructuring will begin.”  Tyler Crowell