05.03.2018 Michigan Mission Trip Update

Repent and come unto Christ; lay down your differences and become one; prepare for the events which are immediately before us; there is marvelous work that is happening in Brazil with the Sealed Portion, the Church, angelic visitations and messages;  there is a hope of and requirements for the establishment of  Zion and for building the Temple on the designated spot – and all of this in preparation for the soon return of Jesus Christ to His Temple, in Zion! 

33+ people were in attendance at the gathering in St. John’s, Michigan, 05.02.2018, to hear those messages which Brother Joseph F. Smith came to personally deliver and nearly all received and support it enthusiastically!  Many came from local Branches including:  St. John’s Branch, Oakwood, Sanford and Charlotte, however 6-8 people were not affiliated with any Branch.  Nearly all attendees reported that they had previously viewed the 8 Witnesses Testimonies meeting, regarding the plates of the Book of Mormon and the Sealed Portion, which was held at Colbern Road Restoration Branch, March 31, 2018. 

Approximately 85 Saints were reached throughout this mission trip, now drawing to a close, and nearly all welcomed both the messages and the messenger.  The Saints conveyed to Brother Joseph that they are eagerly waiting for the Church to be reconstructed (as they/we “have long been in a divided situation”) and will uphold Brother Joseph in his designation.  

May God bless us all as we work together in Him and for His purposes.