04.28.2018 Mission Trip Update

Joseph wishes the people to know how much he loves the work!  Joseph feels that although he is “unworthy and only a humble servant”, he is so very happy to be in the service of the Lord!   He wishes to convey he is “full of joy, so utterly full of joy” as the work is going forward and the people are responding with open arms, willing hearts and requests for baptism.

Joseph will be in  Maryville, Michigan today and throughout the weekend.  Joseph will be sharing the message which was given to him of “glad tidings” and the Lord’s work going forward in both Brazil and in Independence.  Joseph will also share about what the Lord requires of us immediately in bringing forth the cause of Zion and the building of the Temple in Zion for His soon return.  Joseph welcomes the opportunity to share the message of the Lord, where ever the people are open to hearing it!  

Joseph will be heading to St. John’s,  Michigan after this weekend.  Joseph may be going on into Indiana and Canada before returning home to Missouri in early May.  Joseph has invitations, and speaking engagements around Missouri in May.  Joseph is planning a mission trip to Utah in the early part of June.  If you would like for Joseph to visit your branch, ward, congregation or family or if you seek baptism or a blessing, you may reach Joseph through our “Contact” form in the Navigational Menu.  If you wish to contact any of the other Witnesses, you may contact us and we will get the message on to them.