8 Witnesses

On March 31st, 2018, the 8 North American witnesses to the Plates of the Book of Mormon and the sealed portion presented their testimonies and took questions at the Colbern Road Restoration Branch in Lake Lotawana, MO.

Approximately 450 were in attendance at this historic event, near Independence Missouri, which filled the chapel leaving Saints to, by necessity, fill the overflow room as well as many standing at the rear. An overwhelming number of those in attendance were hungry to hear the testimonies of the long held sacred records that these chosen 8 have personally held and examined, sparing no detail! The more part of attendees came from a cross section of the Church restored through Joseph Smith Jr. Some traveled distances as far away as Alaska and New Mexico expressly to join with us and to meet Joseph F. Smith and the other 7 Witnesses.  Those witnesses are Bob Moore, Brad Gault, Samuel Gould, Tyler Crowell, Gary Metzger, Kelvin Henson and David Gilmore.  The congregation sang beloved songs of the Restoration in harmonious accord. The witnesses bore their testimonies with all due reverence as well as notable meekness and humility. The Priesthood took the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the eve of Resurrection Sunday. The congregation heard 1st hand testimonies of the men who bore witness to the fruits of the Spirit, including speaking in tongues! The Priesthood shared the words of Moroni which were given to them by the eye witnesses in Brazil and which are pertinent to this people at this time.   The congregation heard the news of the setting apart in Brazil of Joseph Frederick Smith, Great Grandson of Joseph Smith, Jr.  Congregants were able to ask what questions they had to the witnesses.

We were joined, through the online broadcast, from many regions across the globe as follows: 225 USA, 44 Brazil, 8 Canada, 2 Australia, 1 Israel, 1 United Kingdom, 1 Mexico, 1 Netherlands, 1 Spain and 1 in Austria. May the work continue to roll forward, and may God continue to grant us grace that we may yet be worthy to fulfill the destiny of the Church in Zion.