“Verily, verily thus sayeth My spirit unto you: hearken to My counsel, ye who have walked in the paths of men. Let us reason together with sound reasoning, and heed not the counsel of man, but reason in good judgment. Who is man that he can set in My church higher elevated positions than those which I have given? My ministry is not to be held in high esteem, but are to be humble servants, presenting to My children an example of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He who goes forth in his pride and self-esteem glorifies himself and does not glorify Me. Therefore he is not My servant. I have begun the setting of My hand the second time to gather My scattered sheep as you have been told by My servants of old. You have been given the opportunity to work with Me as I prune My vineyard for the last time. Come, abide My counsel, forsaking the philosophies and pathways that failed your forefathers.  The Zion you long for will surely come, but that Zion will be established according to the merits and provisions that I have given. Even so, thus sayeth My Spirit unto you whom I have chosen in these last days. I am the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and the Redeemer of Israel.  Amen.”

July 24, 2018 Joseph F Smith

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